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Who are falco media?

Founded in 2012, Falco Media is an online business, overseeing several websites. We are building a portfolio of businesses in various industries. For over 7 years, Falco Media has launched and sustained profitable businesses in the gambling industry, protein industry, sports news sites and web development industry. We continue to learn and improve to become bigger and better in each industry, seizing every opportunity that comes our way. We endeavour to offer something different than others are.

Here at Falco Media, we are always looking to start new businesses and are interested in any potential start up businesses that are looking for a partner. We are experts in social media advertising, having built a portfolio of social media accounts across all of our sites with over a million likes & follows. This expertise has been integral in building each business from scratch. Our most successful venture, has been in the gambling industry and this continues to grow in success year on year. We have successfully helped bookmakers launch new products and build their database significantly. 

Our focus currently is to expand on the sports betting and sports news services we offer, supplying content covering the entire sporting spectrum, whilst also growing our customer base for web development services.



I have gone from working at Mcdonalds, to owning my own phone shops, to being the director of businesses that make over £500,000 profit a year . I believe in getting jobs done in a direct & timely manner.



From part qualified accountant to starting my own businesses. I have always loved business and the buzz of a sale. I know numbers, sales and business and I use all of these qualities to build and sustain my businesses.


MArketing/General Manager

I have worked in a variety of different sectors and roles and have always found that I have wanted to move on after a few years. With this company I’ve been given the chance to  become part of the business, not just a number. My contributions are valued and I am committed to growing any of the ventures Falco Media takes on.

what we do

Young, fresh-face businessmen with passion and love a challenge

We look at an industries that we think we can be successful in and then we put a plan together on how we will do it. We use our 4 main strengths to then put our plans in place and build websites and adverts to not just compete in an industry but to try and take over an industry. 

These strategies are in constant development. We learn and adapt on the job and constantly improve all of our products day by day to make sure that we are never left behind.

Social Media

Our Philosophy

We have an overall vision to keep coming back day after day and feel like we are contributing and building something big. Being ambitious is absolutely crucial. 

‘Opportunities multiply as they are seized.’ — Sun Tzu

We look at opportunities and seize them, as they will always lead to more. This philosophy helps us to focus on making use of the opportunities we have.